The Battery Technology Podcast

New for 2023 – The Battery Technology Podcast!

We’re excited to announce we’re launching in February 2023 The Battery Technology Podcast. This will be a high-quality, fortnightly, 45-minute podcast featuring, news, views and interviews across the global Battery Technology industry.

We have established contacts with over 25,000 people involved in the industry, and the podcast will be drawn to their attention throughout January. Therefore, we expect initial listenership to be high.

Hosted by Ken Davies, a professional industry journalist and podcast producer, it will be the perfect way to maximise exposure to the global battery industry using a completely new media channel. It will be available wherever you find your podcasts including Google Podcasts, Spotify, Apple, Stitcher and YouTube.

Advertising on the podcast will consist of 4 x 30 second, “host-read” advertisements, with extensive show note links enabling listeners to directly reach contributors.

There will also be a main sponsor for each episode – “The Battery Technology Podcast in association with….” Featuring a 15 second message at the very beginning and very end of the podcast.

Should you be interested to contribute or advertise, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

David Reeks

Ken Davies

Tel: +44 (0) 1283 337291