• Project VENERGY+ brings together pioneering partners in battery, clean energy and digital solutions to support end-to-end Electric Vehicle production
  • Includes construction by Envision AESC of a Gigafactory in Navalmoral de la Mata (Caceres, Spain) to create 3,000 green jobs from 2025
  • The first phase battery project will be powered by 10GWh with capacity for 30GWh. It will be powered by clean energy supplied by Acciona’s on-site photovoltaic plant
  • This accelerates Spain’s decarbonisation and industrial renewal as Europe’s second largest vehicle producer

3 June 2022 Envision Group, a world-leading green tech company, with the support of Acciona Group announce a major new collaboration as the country gets ready to go all-electric. 

Envision has been in negotiations with the Government of Spain for a number of months and is grateful for the support they and the Junta de Extremadura have given to this project. Together they will work to position Spain as a European leader in zero emission manufacturing of batteries for electric vehicles.

The VENERGY+ project is based on the development and manufacture of batteries from a zero-emissions plant, integrated into different electrical platforms, including a removable battery system and adapted for other innovative mobility models. These include vans and heavy trucks, a new electric vehicle for last mile deliveries, three modular and innovative electric vehicles and a light two-wheel electric vehicle.

The VENERGY+ project has been submitted to the EV value chain programme of PERTE VEC (Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation for the Electric and Connected Vehicle). The consortium includes 12 businesses across 10 autonomous communities of Spain, mobilising Euro 1,000 million investment. Envision investment in the PERTE is EUR 900 million for the construction of a high tech battery plant. The project will create 3,000 new high value green jobs when operational in 2025.

Envision AESC’s planned state-of-the-art Gigafactory in Navalmoral de la Mata will supply high performance battery cells, modules and packs with extended range and increased density. The facility will be powered by 100pc green energy with local sourcing.

If successful, the PERTE VEC will contribute to the financing of Envision AESC’s gigafactory, which will include the latest battery cell technology and offer optimal energy density, with improved range, durability and efficiency. Growth in demand could bring increased investment and up to 30GWh capacity in the gigafactory by 2030. This commitment is part of an enduring strategic partnerhip with the Spanish government to produce next generation EVs and supports the localisation of vehicle parts and components supply with advanced technology. It will put Spain at the heart of a new EV hub in Europe, encouraging collaboration on R&D around the whole battery lifecycle, from storage, to repurposing, with smart charging and closed loop recycling.  

José Domínguez Abascal, Chairman of Envision Group, Spain, said: ‘Envision is extremely grateful to the Government of Spain and the Government of Extremadura for the level of support they have shown to get us to this important point. We welcome this enduring strategic partnership and our shared ambition and cooperation, which will endure as we develop this project and more together. 

‘VENERGY+ represents a shared vision by businesses, national and regional governments and local communities to accelerate the global transition to carbon neutral transportation. Our planned new Gigafactory and supporting ecosystem will provide a catalyst for further investment in the local supply chain and whole life cycle opportunities of batteries, renewable energy systems and digital solutions. We are connecting traditional larger companies with SMEs and start-ups, each making a unique contribution towards Spain’s decarbonization, growth and renewal and generating thousands of high value green jobs for the future.’ 

VENERGY+ comprises 12 partners, 16 primary projects covering 10 autonomous Spanish communities. Partners in the consortium include Envision Group, Acciona Group (Acciona Generacion Renovables and Acciona Silence), Teknia, Automotive Technology Centre of Galicia (CTAG), Aresar, Liux, Qalma, Glavista, Cable Energía and Kapture.IO. The project will take place in the following autonomous communities:

  • Basque Country
  • Castilla La Mancha
  • Valencian Community
  • Catalonia,
  • Extremadura
  • Cantabria
  • Community of Madrid
  • Navarra
  • Galicia


About Envision:

Envision Group is a world leading green tech company with the mission of solving the challenges or a sustainable future. Envision designs, sells and operates smart wind turbines through Envision Energy, AIOT-powered batteries through Envision AESC and the world’s largest AIOT operating system through Envision Digital. It also owns Envision Racing Formula E Team. Envision continues to promote wind and solar as the ‘new coal’, batteries and hydrogen fuels as the ‘new oil’ and the AIOT network as the ‘new grid’ to create a zero carbon world. 

Envision AESC is a world-leading battery technology company committed to research, development, design, manufacture and sale of high-power batteries and energy storage batteries. Envision AESC has 10 production plants in Japan, the US, the UK, China and France. For the past 12 years, Envision AESC has produced high-performance, extended range batteries for more than 650,000 electric vehicles in 44 countries, achieving a record of ‘zero critical battery malfunction.’ The new Envision AESC Gigafactory in Spain follows confirmation in 2021/2 of plans to build Gigafactory’s in US, France, Japan and the UK. Envision aims to have 300GWh+ global capacity by 2030, powered by net-zero energy. Find out more at envision-aesc.com/us/

Media Contacts:

Lauren Flanagan, Senior Director Communications, Envision Group
T: +44 7379 340101
E: lauren.flanagan@envision-energy.com

Source: News – Envision AESC (envision-aesc.com)

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