Colder, Cold Chamber – Battery Tests under the Most Extreme Sub-zero Conditions

  • Clarios evaluates the performance of batteries in vehicles at temperatures as low as -40°C
  • The Company is leading the way in long-term measurements, including under real-life operating conditions
  • Research projects are underway in Europe, China and the USA

London/Hanover – September 26, 2022 Clarios, producer of one in three of the world’s car batteries, is further expanding its significant role in Research & Development at its Hanover location. In addition to the existing vehicle laboratory, test equipment has been expanded to include a cold chamber. Two vehicles can be cooled down to -40 °C in the chamber to test the performance of new and old batteries to their limits. The purpose of this is to analyse and improve the starting capability and the start-stop function of the batteries at extreme sub-zero temperatures.

The vehicle laboratory and cold chamber are part of the engineering department and are used for product development and improvement. The primary focus is on the interaction of the battery with the electronics of the entire vehicle – regardless of whether it is an internal combustion engine or a battery electric vehicle. A 12-volt battery is also an essential component in an electric vehicle. The high-voltage li-ion battery supplies the powertrain, while the batteries from the ever-growing Clarios xEV portfolio power the internal 12-volt electrical system, including crucial power and safety functions.

Clarios’ leading testing capabilities also address OEM specific customer requirements and requests. This includes, for example, monitoring the battery performance at engine start in a particular vehicle and over the entire service life. The batteries are artificially aged for this specific purpose. Various life cycles as well as long-distance and short-distance journeys are simulated, depending on the usage profile. This rigorous testing to understand the full capabilities of the battery helps ensure the right battery selection to meet the vehicle application needs.

New Hanover investment will serve Clarios’ global network

The cold chamber and the wiring system laboratory not only serve the Hanover facility, but thanks to a closely knit global network of Clarios Research & Development Centers, projects can be implemented throughout Europe, the USA and China. Testing time varies from project to project: from one day to two years. Employees research how the battery reacts under a wide range of conditions. Measurements are often taken on site under real-life conditions over a period of years. Markus Hoh, Head of the Clarios Vehicle Laboratory in Hanover, says: “We don’t see ourselves as just producers, we also aim to actively support and advise our customers as a provider of technology solutions and expertise.”

Fast implementation of research results

The close proximity of engineering and the laboratory produces significant synergy effects. The outcome is a fast implementation of research results for our customers and our internal product developments. The improved product quality consequently contributes to increased customer satisfaction for both vehicle manufacturers and end customers.

“The global aftermarket customers from Clarios also benefit from having a head start in terms of available information,” Hoh explains further. “Through our close cooperation with nearly every vehicle manufacturer across the globe, we have early knowledge of the trends that will become relevant to the aftermarket in the coming years. This expertise we can then share with our aftermarket customers, helping them prepare and train their workshops for the future.”

Captions (high-res photos attached)

01_ Cold_chamber.jpg
Clarios has expanded its significant role in Research & Development at the Hanover facility and has extended its test equipment to include a cold chamber that can be leveraged globally.
Photo: Clarios

Two vehicles can be cooled down to -40°C in the chamber to test the performance of new and old batteries to their limits.
Photo: Clarios

Clarios evaluates the performance of new and old batteries to the limit in the cold chamber.
Photo: Clarios

The analysis is used to further develop the starting capability as well as the start-stop function of the batteries at extreme sub-zero temperatures.
Photo: Clarios

Markus Hoh, Head of the Vehicle Laboratory in Hanover
Photo: Clarios

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