Together with partners including BMW and VARTA, LeydenJar is working on the development of European-made sustainable batteries for electric vehicles (EVs). The project main target is developing a battery cell that aims at significantly increasing energy density while reducing energy consumption by almost a third and production costs up to 20% as compared to state-of-the-art Li-ion cells.

LeydenJar develops and supplies the pure silicon anode foils. These will be integrated in the EV battery, with the other innovative battery components. LeydenJar is also closely involved in the integration.

Leading expertise

The partnership project is known as greenSPEED and runs until 2025. The consortium combines a mix of leading expertise from the automotive industry, specialised technology companies, research institutes and knowledge centres from Germany, France, the Netherlands, Austria and Luxembourg. In total, 11 parties are involved in greenSPEED. In addition to its unique silicon anode, LeydenJar is contributing sustainable production know-how. EV batteries with silicon anodes from LeydenJar give electric cars a much larger action radius. The application also reduces the CO2 emissions from anode production by 85%, with potential further benefits of dry cathode electrode production.

The serial production of battery electric vehicles is in full swing. Demand for EV batteries is therefore high. And with the recent decision that all new cars sold in the EU from 2035 may not emit any CO2, the demand will only increase.

On the map at automotive producers

LeydenJar produces its silicon anodes in Eindhoven via a high-throughput plasma deposition process. The anodes increase energy density by 70%, lowers carbon emissions by 85% and holds fast charging capabilities. Christian Rood, CEO of LeydenJar: ‘In this project, we work together with leading partners in the European automotive ecosystem. GreenSPEED therefore gives us valuable know-how for the further development of our technology and puts LeydenJar on the map among European automotive manufacturers.’

The greenSPEED project is coordinated by Virtual Vehicle and co-financed by the Horizon Europe research  and innovation programme of the European Union. For more information, please see

Source: LeydenJar with BMW, VARTA and others in development of sustainable EV battery – LeydenJar (

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