Morrow Batteries ASA (Morrow) has signed a Joint Development Agreement with Compular for the computational screening of novel electrolyte formulations for the next generation of high-voltage batteries. Based on Compular’s algorithm and Morrow’s LNMO-based large format batteries this partnership will accelerate the development of cobalt-free high-voltage batteries.

Morrow is working to develop and manufacture the world’s most cost-effective and sustainable battery cells. One of the technologies developed by Morrow is a cobalt-free, low in nickel, spinel LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4(LNMO)-based battery. The energy density delivered by an LNMO/graphite battery is 15-20% higher than that of commercial Li-ion batteries and at a considerably lower cost. A challenge for this technology is the high reactivity of traditional electrolytes with both the anode and the cathode; therefore, the electrolyte systems should be redesigned for LNMO/graphite batteries.

“We are very excited to work with pioneering companies like Morrow Batteries and think this is proof of the industry’s willingness to adapt new technologies to speed up the transition to an electrified mobility sector,” says Johannes Henriksson, Co-founder & CEO of Compular.

Compular will provide advanced simulations and analysis to screen electrolyte compositions, map out trends and suggest compositions that have a high likelihood of meeting the required material properties. Morrow can direct their R&D activities toward the most promising solutions by exploring a large set of chemical space computationally. The long-term vision for the collaboration is accelerating R&D productivity and innovation capabilities by implementing digital tools such as advanced simulations and analysis.

“Compular’s software will lead to a more predictive approach to the emergent structures and dynamics within an electrolyte that give rise to their technologically relevant properties. Through their software, Morrow will be able to accelerate the development of high voltage electrolytes for LNMO technology development.”, says Rahul Fotedar, the CTO of Morrow.

This partnership constitutes the first of its kind in the Nordic countries for Morrow and the first industrial collaboration with a Norwegian company for Compular. By screening and developing new electrolytes for LNMO/Graphite batteries, Morrow and Compular will help establish the Nordic region as a clean tech frontrunner.

Source: Morrow enters a non-exclusive partnership with Compular to screen electrolytes for high-voltage batteries | Morrow Batteries (

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