TEL AVIV, Israel, [February 9, 2023]: Addionics, a battery technology start-up is launching a new state-of-the-art, pilot line for manufacturing of its advanced Smart 3D Electrodes™ for electric vehicle batteries. With Addionics’ partners’ support, the company will expand its technological developments primarily for the automotive industry, which includes global leading automakers and tier 1 suppliers.

Inaugurated in February 2023, the new site covers over 1,500 sq. ft and will serve as the company’s headquarters in addition to its US, UK, and Germany locations. It includes office space for over 50 employees, advanced laboratories, and a pilot line dedicated to accelerating the development and production of its chemistry-agnostic Smart 3D Electrodes™ technology, used to improve all key performance metrics for batteries including energy density, power, safety, and extending lifetime – all without increasing cost. The company is already working with top global companies to integrate its product to match the ever-rising global battery demand driven by the growing EV market. The new facility has the capacity to produce up to 10kWh and will increase to about 100kWh by the end of 2024. Addionics expects to reach 1 GWh production capability during 2025.

Addionics, recently selected as a 2022 Pioneer by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) for its technology’s potential to accelerate global decarbonization and halt climate change, has innovated an advanced 3D design for electrodes that is compatible with any battery chemistry, existing or emerging. The 3D structure leads to improvements in key battery performance metrics. Addionics’ patented core IP is a cost-effective and scalable battery-grade electrode fabrication process, which significantly lowers costs. The company’s AI-based, drop-in technology is designed for production and is seamlessly integrated into any existing assembly line, allowing battery makers to reduce production costs while increasing manufacturing capacity.

Dr. Moshiel Biton, Addionics Co-Founder and CEO: ״The launch of our facility is a major milestone in commercializing Addionics’ technology and expanding our supply to our worldwide clients and partners. Together with our investors and strategic partners, Addionics is on the path to mass production which will accelerate the EV revolution and will advance the global effort of decarbonization. “Companies have tried to integrate 3D electrode architecture but did not have the technology. The commercialization of Silicon, Solid-State and advanced Li-Ion technologies will be significantly accelerated with the adoption of smarter designs. By Smart 3D Electrodes™. With our novel manufacturing process, we allow this transition”. About Addionics:

Addionics develops the next generation of batteries by utilizing advanced architectures and technologies in Smart 3D Electrodes™. The company was founded in 2018 by Ph.D. Moshiel Biton, Ph.D. Vladimir Yufit, and Ph.D. Farid Tariq. So far, it has raised 40 million dollars and employs about 50 employees in Israel, the US, England, and Germany. A patent-protected process developed to produce low-cost electrodes allows it to optimize the structure of the battery in the design phase and in the production process itself, for optimal performance and competitive prices. Unlike most companies that operate in the market and focus on improvement while changing the battery’s chemical composition, Addionics focuses on the physical structure of the battery. This approach allows the company to improve any type of battery, including batteries with new technologies that have not yet been commercialized.

Source: Addionics unveils the world’s first 3D electrode manufacturing pilot line for EV batteries


Shira Rabinowitz, OH! PR, Israel

Gilad Fisher, Marketing Director, Addionics

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